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Beauty in 2022

Beauty in 2022

Beauty in 2022

A gold-plated locket with a Get Details luxe lip gloss inside, a monogrammed hair brush, an Hermes blush brush, a bespoke skincare set delivered on a tray. These products satiate the beauty industry’s current obsession with “fancy” — a trend exemplified by brands like Givenchy Beauty, which offer loyalty rewards in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be traded on the metaverse or redeemed for glitzy beauty products. NFTs can be used for virtual gift cards and to unlock exclusives in the brand’s digital universe — and these types of lux beauty rewards are expected to grow as more consumers embrace blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

The Evolution of Beauty: Trends and Technologies Shaping 2022

In the world of cosmetic treatments, expect more focus on highlighting natural features with less makeup and more emphasis on skin care routines that support healthy growth and radiance. With hair being particularly in-focus this year thanks to a rise in covid-related telogen effluvium and stress-induced shedding, brands are launching topically nourishing shampoos and serums that promote healthy growth.

With sustainability claims now mainstream, consumers are looking for specifics from clean brands when it comes to things like avoiding animal testing, promoting gender equality and reducing product waste. Davis says that she’s also seeing more interest in products that are formulated to help protect the skin microbiome, soothe irritation and address blemishes. Meanwhile, Livvy Houghton of strategic foresight consultancy The Future Laboratory notes that there’s a movement towards ‘condensed’ beauty whereby ingredients are concentrated into a single product to cut packaging waste and improve performance.

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