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How to Do a Proxy IP Address Lookup

How to Do a Proxy IP Address Lookup

Many people have been using proxy IP address lookup to hide their identities and surf the internet anonymously. Proxies work by routing a user’s request to a server and then to the website. This way, websites can’t see a person’s actual IP address, so they cannot block the user from browsing or engage in other abusive activity. However, some people use proxies to commit fraud or spam and need to find out whether an IP address is proxy or not.

Thankfully, there are several ways to identify a proxy IP address. One of the most straightforward is to look at the user agent information. A user agent contains a series of information that is sent to a website by an IP number, such as the browser and operating system being used. For example, a user agent can indicate that the computer is running Windows, or that it’s using an old version of Internet Explorer.

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Another simple method is to run an IP address through an online proxy detection tool. This will return a set of details for the IP address, including its status as a proxy or VPN, and an overall risk analysis report. The tools will also provide other technical data points such as the location of the IP address, its time zone, Autonomous System Number (ASN), device details, and blacklist status.

Lastly, users can check their IP addresses in their browser settings. For example, Firefox and Chrome allow users to view their settings by clicking on the menu icon and selecting “Settings.” Then, users can click on the network tab and check the status of their proxy settings.

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