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The Basics of Tennis Court Construction

The Basics of Tennis Court Construction

Tennis Court Construction

Many people get intimidated by the process of building a new Tennis Court Construction facility or changing an existing one. They may not know how much is involved or who to partner with. As a result they either put it off until the last minute or the process gets bogged down by a myriad of decisions and delays. The key to success is proper planning before the project execution begins.

The first step is determining the number of courts needed. This is usually based on the number of players in a specific area and should not be made by guesswork. This will be an important decision that will impact the overall cost of the project.

The Importance of Proper Tennis Court Drainage in Construction

After clearing the area and removing any obstacles that could interfere with the construction, excavation starts. This is a critical step in the process that is best left to a professional contractor. This will ensure that the correct amount of soil is removed and a quality base is constructed.

This is followed by the installation of a concrete slab. Reinforced concrete is the most common but post-tension concrete can provide a better level of performance. There are also several options for surface material, including asphalt, acrylic latex and green turf.

Once the construction is complete, a final inspection should be completed to verify that the court meets all of the construction guidelines as set forth by the U. S. Tennis Court and Track Builders Association. These include the minimum requirements for smoothness, planarity and optimal density.

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