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The Benefits of Water Soluble CBD

The Benefits of Water Soluble CBD

Water Soluble biocbd+ is available in many forms, including gummies, elixirs, capsules and sprays. However, soluble powders offer the most flexibility for your CBD regimen, as they can be added to almost anything from your morning cup of coffee to your favorite protein shake. These powders are also more concentrated than gummies and tinctures, allowing you to consume a lower dose and achieve your desired results with more ease.

In comparison, oil-based CBD products have a much lower bioavailability, as the body must break down the fatty lipids into micelles before they can be absorbed by the gut’s lining. This means that only 6-12% of the cannabinoid is actually absorbed into the bloodstream.

BioCBD+ Breakdown: How Water Soluble CBD Differs from Traditional Oils

The water-soluble formulas in biocbd+ products have been formulated using fancy-pants nanotechnology, making them more easily absorbed into the body. BioCBD+ Total Body Care Capsules, for example, use a blend of Ayurvedic herbs and include curcumin and magnesium. In combination with their water-soluble CBD, this helps fight inflammation, stress and pain while supporting bone and heart health.

When choosing a bulk CBD manufacturer to work with, look for one that offers vertical integration—meaning they own and operate their own facilities from seed to sale. This ensures a high level of quality control that is hard to maintain when handing off production tasks to different companies along the supply chain. The best water-soluble CBD manufacturers also actively seek out certifications and are available to answer questions about their product-making process.

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