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What Does an EICR Involve?

What Does an EICR Involve?

Having a what does an eicr involve(Electrical Installation Condition Report) inspection done at your property on a regular basis is essential for landlords. It ensures that the electrical system meets current wiring regulations and is safe for tenants to use.

An EICR involves a qualified electrician looking at all of the electrical systems in your building such as the fuse box, switches, plug sockets and lighting and checking that they are safe. They look for issues such as overheating, abrasions and general wear and tear that can lead to fires. It also checks that the earthing and bonding arrangements are safe.

Inside the EICR: What Does the Inspection Process Include

If your electrician finds any issues with the electrical system they will assign a code to it – C1, C2, FI, or C3. A C1 code indicates that there is a danger present and requires immediate action. C2 indicates that a situation is potentially dangerous but does not currently pose an immediate risk, and needs further investigation. FI means that there is a non-compliant aspect of the system and that further work is needed to bring it into line with wiring regulations. C3 suggests that you could make improvements to your electrical system – but you don’t have to.

Landlords are required to have their EICRs done every 5 years (or at the change of tenancy). However, it is worth considering having one conducted sooner rather than later as the safety of your tenants is paramount. It is also a requirement of your insurance provider and mortgage lender to provide proof that you have had an EICR carried out on the property.

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