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Why Choose Melbourne Buyers Agents?

Why Choose Melbourne Buyers Agents?

If you are a time poor professional, anxious investor or frustrated home buyer and need help in buying your next property, then a Melbourne Buyers Agents could be the right solution for you. When choosing a Buyer’s Agent, it is best to check out their website or contact them directly to get an idea of their services, expertise and cost structure.

Who is also known as buyer?

Licensed Buyer’s Agent Jim Parker has been helping clients buy residential homes and investment properties in Melbourne for over 14 years. Jim has a strong understanding of the local market and is able to assist buyers in finding the right property at the right price, regardless of whether they are first home buyers or seasoned investors.

He has a proven track record of working with buyers and sellers to achieve positive outcomes in negotiations and is a member of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) and the Buyers Agent Association of Australia (REBAA). Jim and his team at Parker Buyer Advocates can take the stress out of purchasing your next home or investment property and save you money in the process.

A Buyers Agent is an independent specialist that can act as your sole representative in the purchase of a property. They can save you money, time and stress by providing you with objective information, advice and support throughout the whole purchasing process, ensuring that you purchase your property at the right price.

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